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January 09, 2014

Firefall Dev Roundtable reveals upcoming features and plan for 2014

by Tonkah

The firefall developers have finally broken a relatively silent streak on specifics of upcoming features. In this special, they discussed what's coming in the next patch (this January) as well as the 2014 plan for the game. Most of what they said rekindled the hope I had for the game. Not sure if this is a result of Mark Kern's departure, but I hope they stay in this direction.

TL;DR: Fairly comprehensive revamps of crafting and progression. Repair pools are still there, but they've made them a lot more tolerable. 2014 will bring us open-world PvP, army bases and combat vehicles.

January 09, 2014

Rust Patch 1/9/2013

by Tonkah

Patch Notes

My favorites:

  • Optional bars on windows
  • Research kit has a random amount of uses (1-3)
  • Multiple fixes to stop various hacking methods

December 31, 2013


by Eodred

So yeah, we've started playing Rust. It's a game that's in development still, alpha but so far we are enjoying it's possibilities.

Check it out, it's on steam... here's our server info:

IP: Port: 28095

Once you're in the menu to the game you can connect right to us by hitting F1 to open console and typing the command: net.connect

That's it, you're playing. Talk to Tonkah or I for any further details.


December 09, 2013

EverQuest Next: Landmark Live Stream

by Tonkah

Join in for much fun times with the live stream where they'll be showing off new models and probably building neat things right before your very eyes:

December 04, 2013

Welcome to the new

by Tonkah

Hiya folks!

Welcome to the new guild website. I apologize for any bugs or unsightly/plain elements on the site, as this is currently a work in progress. With that in mind, please do not get attached to any posts or discussions on this site, as the database may be deleted at my discretion.

The current supported features are:

  • News (Admin)
  • Forums
  • Threaded Replies (a reply to a reply shows in the appropriate place)
  • Uploads
  • Gallery (images uploaded to forum posts)
  • Likes
  • Markdown post formatting
  • User Avatars
  • Member Profiles
  • File Directory
  • Google Open Auth
  • Password Resetting

Upcoming Features:

  • Games section
  • Events
  • Site Search
  • Messages (private between users)
  • A slick site design

If you find any bugs, or have a suggestion for the site, please create a account and log them here

Thanks! - Tonkah

November 27, 2013

Hi Dave

by Tonkah


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