February 21, 2019

Tonkah wrote:

The Spell Queue Window is the time in milliseconds in which you're allowed to tell WoW's servers about the next spell you want to cast before your current cast is finished. This defaults to 400 milliseconds. Without this feature, you would experience a large delay (2x average latency) between spells. This also applies to instant-cast spells on the Global Cool-down (GCD). The Spell Queue Window benefits everyone, no matter how low your internet latency is.

When you queue a spell, the queue-system does not allow you to change that spell. For that reason, some find that lowering the Spell Queue Window value improves how spell-casting feels. Be careful not to set the value too low or spell-queueing will not work properly. The recommended delay is at least 100ms higher than your average latency.

Without Spell Queue Window:


With Default Spell Queue Window (400ms):

                         |-Press Next-|

Setting Spell Queue Window Too Low:



To see what your Spell Queue Window is, type the following in your chat bar:

/dump GetCVar("SpellQueueWindow")

To change your Spell Queue Window, type the following in your chat bar (and substitute "300" for any number between 0 and 400):

/console SpellQueueWindow 300

To disable Spell Queue Window, type the following in your chat bar:

/console SpellQueueWindow 0


February 26, 2019

Lonsham wrote:

Very interesting......