Rust is a first person shooter (now-non-zombie) survival game heavily based on cave-man antics, player vs. player combat and emergent gameplay. It's currently in alpha and is being developed by "Garry's Mod" Garry.

Rust Website (Available on Steam)

Cost: $20.00

Server Info

Defiant Guild Community hosts a premium server for us to play on. Connect to it with this info:

Server Name: "NoPantsClub/PvE/NoRaid/Friendly" To connect, press F1 while in game, and then type in (or copy/paste): "net.connect" and hit enter

Eodred is currently footing the bill on this. (Send him a message if you wish to contribute)

Server Rules

Help! I got raided!!

If someone is raiding you and you catch them, take a screenshot of them and post it here. Include a list of things that they took as well, and we will help you get your things back.

Other Info

This server supports a few addons from Oxide: