A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... <Praetorian Alliance> was born (during the early days of vanilla WoW). Not long after, it was reborn as <Defiant> with the majority of the same community. Since that time, we have raided, PvP’d, quested and RP'd together, becoming friends more than guild mates.


We dominated Doomhammer in those years and often found ourselves in the top 2-5 guilds (on Doomhammer) when it came to raid boss progression. Defiant has always been a core group of hardcore raiders confined to casual play schedules, and we will continue to pursue challenging content and that which satisfies the desires of our players.


There are a few key things that have allowed us the enjoyment and success as a guild that has lasted for such a long time. Firstly, we are a decidedly no-drama guild. This has helped us maintain a respectful and fun atmosphere by focusing on common interests and guild progression. Secondly, we acknowledge that there are lots of ways to have fun, and not all players have fun the same way. We respect and encourage different play-styles and intensities, and do not penalize people for playing differently. Lastly, we all acknowledge that WoW is a game, and that RL takes precedence in all situations. Our families and friends are the most important things, not WoW.


Defiant is and will always be a family-friendly, laid-back guild full of high-quality people, and you can expect the guild leadership to uphold and enforce that vision.

Guild Rules

  1. No drama.
  2. Defiant is a family-friendly guild. Swearing and lewd discussion is prohibited.
  3. Discrimination or derogatory discussion odorke, sex, gender, race, religion, handicaps, sexual orientation, etc. is prohibited.
  4. Discussion of drama-prone topics, such as politics or religion, etc. should be avoided.
  5. Do not beg for gold or boosted runs.