January 30, 2017

Teo wrote:

We’ve come a long way in a short time since we started raiding again in late December 2016. A lot of questions and feedback have arisen in that time, and we’d like to lay out Defiant’s strategy and goals for raiding.

Overall Objective

As a guild, our overall objective is to provide a family-friendly environment where each person can progress at his or her own pace through game content. In an attempt to balance the several levels of interest in end game content, the raid leadership will be splitting our raid nights into two categories: “Farm” and “Progression.”

Raid Leadership

During the raid, the Raid Leader is responsible for keeping things on track, explaining fights, being the contact point for attendance and any concerns. Outside of the raid, decisions are made by the Raid Leader in consultation with the Guild Officers and GM.

Loot Rules

  • Personal loot will be used.
  • If an item is not an upgrade for you, and you wish to contribute it to guild progression, you may do so when the Raid Leader says is appropriate (usually toward the end of the raid).
  • When rolling on contributed gear, main-specs will roll first. If no one needs it, then off-specs can roll.
  • Don’t ask for items from people who have not offered them up for distribution.

General Raid Rules

  • Guild rules enforced, including no-swearing, no lewd talk and no drama.
  • Respond to all guild-raid calendar invites accordingly (even if tentative or declining)
  • Be on time and ready to begin (15 minutes before raid starts, if possible).
  • The individual performance of each raider (or group of raiders) is the Raid Leader’s business. Please save your comments about other raiders’ performance for private messages.
  • All raiders must be on voice chat. Tanks/Healers must be able to speak on voice chat.
  • Feedback is appreciated, but drama is not tolerated. Example, “Player X is making us lose. Kick, please!” is not appropriate in a Defiant progression raid. However, feedback such as, “I think if Player X would stand over here and move this way during [boss ability], it would make the fight easier” is welcome and appreciated.

General Raid Composition

  • Tanks: exactly 2. We will rotate between active tanks each raid night, so tanks will need to have a strong off-spec (dps or healing) and be willing and able to perform that role when asked.
  • Healers: 1 per group, with a possible +1 extra healer total. We will also rotate between active healers as we do with tanks.
  • DPS: We’ll fill in the DPS based on the healer ratio, selecting the highest average performers first. (based on weekly raid dps logs ) Note: This will have some flexibility in farm raiding, but not progression.
  • We may possibly PUG DPS roles if needed, but will not PUG Tank/Healing roles.

Philosophy and Rules for Farm Raids

Tuesday evenings (7pm server/pacific) will continue to be our farm-night where we visit content that we can easily beat. The goal is to provide access to raid-level gear for newer raiders and to give the raiders a chance to win and feel good before we bash our heads on the harder content for the week. Raid composition will be less rigid. We may have a weird number of tanks or healers as we gearing out new raiders. Raiders may use off-specs and bring alts as long as it will not compromise the success of the raid.

Philosophy and Additional Rules for Progression Raids

Thursday (7pm server/pacific) is go-time. As a casual guild attempting end-game competitive progression, we have to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. This means that we are going to put our serious pants on and will be strictly enforcing the progression raid composition and rules.

On progression content, lots of wipes are expected, and the raid leadership will do their best to minimize the impact. However, instead of looking to blame other’s performance, ask yourself, “what could I be doing different/better?” Ultimately, if everyone asks this question, and is willing to heed the answer, we will progress very quickly through the end game content.

We are a casual guild, but those wanting to aid in progression are expected to push a little harder. This means reading up on the best specs, talents, itemization and stat priorities. Spend time on the target dummy getting your rotation right when needed. Analyze raid logs. Leadership will be looking at raid logs and specs. If we have any concerns, we will offer help to individuals we deem to possibly be struggling. Keep in mind that if we talk to you, it’s not personal. Others in the raid group are trying their hardest, and they really want to succeed. We want you to be a part of that success.

In order to maximize the possibility for success, we will invite raiders to progression raids based on item level, average performance, and/or class makeup. Occasionally we will have to ask for someone to sit out of an encounter based on performance or the raid composition.

Additional Progression Raid Rules

  • Bring flasks, food and pots that are appropriate for your class.
  • Watch/read boss fight guides before coming to the raid.
  • Raiders must spec/talent/gear/enchant/gem to perform at their class’ maximum capacity. This means selecting talents that have been proven to maximize DPS/HPS/Mitigation.

I read this whole thing, what now?

You receive +10 internet points. Also, if you’d like to join the Thursday progression raid please REPLY TO THIS POST in the following format:

  • Character: Teo
  • Role: DPS
  • Desired Spec: Marksman
  • Offspec: (If primary is Tank or Heal, list your offspec here. You may also list tank/healing as an offspec)


January 30, 2017

Teo wrote:
  • Character: Teo
  • Role: DPS
  • Desired Spec: Marksman
  • Offspec: I have a bear pet that can tank, I have a spirit beast for heals and bandages.


January 30, 2017

Eodred wrote:
  • Character: Eodred
  • Role: Healing
  • Desired Spec: Resto
  • Offspec: Balance & Guardian

(Secondary Character if needed)

  • Character: Malcoren
  • Role: Tank
  • Desired Spec: Vengence
  • Offspec: None =/


January 30, 2017

Tonkah wrote:
  • Character: Holyshnizzle
  • Role: Heals
  • Desired Spec: Holy
  • Offspec: Shadow


  • Character: Taunkah
  • Role: Tank
  • Desired Spec: Protection
  • Offspec: Fury


January 30, 2017

Scarab wrote:

Character: DarkScarab

Role: DPS

Desired Spec: Enh Sham

Offspec: Resto


Life's a game, PLAY HARD!


January 30, 2017

Boodicca wrote:

Char: Boodicca

Role: DPS

Spec: Assassination

Off: Huh?

Death leader since 2006.


January 30, 2017

Shept wrote:

Character: Shept

Role: Tank

Desired Spec: Protection

Offspec: Ret(DPS), Holy(if needed)

As a side note, (not sure if this is the place to bring it up or not)... (Also, if I'm out of line with this suggestion, my sincere apologies)

Regarding "farming" raids, it seems we are rapidly approaching a somewhat awkward position considering Emerald Nightmare normal gear is less rewarding than Nighthold LFR gear. So by means of gearing people up, normal EN seems a bit less effective than other options (namely NH LFR), considering the time commitments and rewards. I do not think that the conclusion here is to "not raid EN" anymore, but I think it raises a valid concern, or at least an interesting point of discussion.




January 30, 2017

Eodred wrote:

The main problem is that I personally ran LFR:NH this week with 3 alts and between them got a single piece of gear. There may soon be a time where EN:Normal isn't the method we use, but we aren't quite there yet. If this needs to be a debate though, yes, let's take it to another thread. Keep it clear for the original intent :)


January 30, 2017

Ooms wrote:

Character: Ooms

Role: DPS

Desired Spec: Shadow

Offspec: Holy/Disc (but undergeared)



January 30, 2017

Groovey wrote:




No offspec yet


January 31, 2017

Kalorn wrote:

Character: Kalorn

Role: Heals

Desired Spec: Holy

Offspec: Prot (Tank) or Melee DPS (Ret) as needed.

I'm at that awkward stage in gearing up where I have a little bit of everything. I'm not totally set in any one spec, but I have experience with all of them (Holy is the most recent). I hope to gear up in the next week or two and give back some of the help the guild has given me so far.

I'm located in Ontari-no (I used to be Pacific), so I'm three hours ahead of server time. I shouldn't have any issues as long as things don't run super late on a weekday.


January 31, 2017

skwashua wrote:

Character: Skwelch

Role: Healer

Desired Spec: Mistweaver

Offspec: Windwalker (DPS), could work on tanking set if needed.


February 09, 2017

Alale wrote:
  • Character: Kyndrine

  • Role: DPS

  • Desired Spec: Retribution

  • Offspec: None