March 17, 2017

Teo wrote:

First, great work last night. Progression can be difficult but we had an overall successful night. There were, however, some issues that make it clear that it is time for a friendly reminder about some aspects of raiding with Defiant.

Please review our raid rules here and, in particular, these:

  • During the raid, the Raid Leader is responsible for keeping things on track, explaining fights, being the contact point for attendance and any concerns. Outside of the raid, decisions are made by the Raid Leader in consultation with the Guild Officers and GM.
  • The individual performance of each raider (or group of raiders) is the Raid Leader’s business. Please save your comments about other raiders’ performance for private messages.

During progression, these rules are what keep Defiant raids both productive and fun. Last night we had several players pushing these rules and making comments that were past the limits of what our rules outline.

The chatter on coms is becoming an increasing problem and it’s time that we address it. Although people are attempting to be helpful, the result has been counter productive. Multiple people making suggestions, call outs, and comments during raid encounters, even to the point of directly contradicting instructions given by the Raid Leader, leads to stress and confusion.

We recognize that some raiders may have a lot of expertise regarding strategies and mechanics, and we welcome help with progression. The best time to do this is before the raid begins, before an encounter, or between attempts. When making suggestions, use private chat, not public chat or coms.

Finally, we do not need multiple people trying to explain a fight, nor for anyone to re-iterate or re-word what the Raid Leader has just explained. The Raid Leader will instruct the raid and do callouts. Let the Raid Leader be the leader.

Following these rules will minimize confusion and conflict during our raids, so that we can all continue to enjoy what makes Defiant a great place to be, as enshrined in our guild charter: maintaining a respectful and fun atmosphere by focusing on common interests and guild progression.