October 09, 2018

Tonkah wrote:

Defiant's core value is putting people first. That means we focus primarily on being inclusive and making sure everybody has the opportunity to do what they want in the game, while trying to accommodate the needs of everyone from our most hard-core to our most causal players.

This can be a challenge when it comes to raiding. Over the years, Defiant has carefully developed and continues to tweak its strategy for making sure that every player can slay monsters with friends while progressing at a rate that is appropriate for their characters' levels and abilities.

Our strategy is to allocate nights of the week to different types of raiding: farm night, progression night, and alt night.

Raid content and requirements

Content goals and requirements will change as bosses change to farm status, as well as when new raids release, and raiders will be notified in advance. Currently the content and requirements for each night are as follows:

Farm night is Tuesday. On farm night we will start with a fresh normal Uldir and get as far as we can get, which will likely be all of normal and a couple of bosses in heroic.

If you want to raid on farm night, the requirements are:


  • 330 ilevel
  • Character has attended the Sunday alt night raid and been given the “thumbs up” that there are no clear and obvious shortcomings in performance that would need to be addressed first.


  • Have watched the videos for the encounters and understand the basics
  • Have Exorsus Raid Tools add-on installed
  • Have Lootraffle add-on installed
  • Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs add-on installed
  • Ability to connect to Discord Voice

Progression night is Thursday. On progression night, we will pick up where we left off on farm night and get as far as we can through heroic. Sign up here:

If you want to raid on progression night, the requirements are:


  • 350 ilvl
  • Either 9000 DPS average or 40% or higher ilvl performance average in normal (excluding G'huun and MOTHER because group assignment on those skews performance)
  • All gear appropriately gemmed and enchanted


  • Same as farm night

Two important things to note about farm and progression nights: First, we will not normally extend raid locks on Thursday to keep progressing, but rather return to farm on Tuesday. Second, the point of farm night is to keep gearing up people who still need it, but also to get as far as possible so progression night can start further and further in heroic. That means we still need your main on farm night.

Alt night is Sunday. On alt night, we will start in normal Uldir and get as far as we can get. Alt raiders will be able to decide as they go whether to do things like extend raid locks. If you want to raid on alt night, the requirements are the same as farm night. Sign up here:

How we measure the requirements

We will be using data from each week’s farm raid log to determine when characters have qualified for progression night. That starts tonight. We will also be using data from each week’s alt raid log to determine if new characters are ready to join farm night. If you need help reading and interpreting the logs please let Eodred know. If there are people who need it, he'll do a 10 or so minute demonstration on a group Discord call or one-on-one with screen share.

How we choose the requirements

The numbers for each night are calculated to strike a balance between what is needed for success on each night and what is attainable for pretty much anyone who wants to raid. The ilvl requirement for farm and alt nights are easy for anyone to attain just through world quests. The ilvl requirement for progression night is easily attainable through farm raiding, mythic+, and rep gear.

The performance requirements for progression night are a little harder but still attainable. If you are having trouble hitting those numbers, we are doing a few things that can help. First, we are posting wowanalytics for each night, which analyzes what you did that night and has specific suggestions for what you should change. Second, we have many high performers who have committed to spend hours to help gear, coach, encourage, and guide anyone who is trying to improve. And third, one of the main reasons we have farm night is so that you can get gear that will help you hit your DPS number even if you aren't at 40% ilvl performance.

Why we do it this way

We get that this is a balancing act and that not everyone is going to get everything they want. Some people may still not progress as fast as they want, and some people may feel left out on progression nights until they hit the numbers. But our experience over the years has proven that the benefits of this strategy greatly outweigh the drawbacks:

  • Instead of dividing members into separate groups, we move forward together as one team;
  • Raid progress on both farm and progression nights greatly improves, as the high performers get gear faster and snowball progression on both nights;
  • Everyone who wants to do so gets to see all the content, kill all the bosses, get great gear, and get AotC achievements and rewards;
  • Wipe nights are greatly reduced, which improves morale while reducing friction and drama;
  • Deciding in advance who is raiding a particular night means nobody gets the gut-punch of being asked to sit out in the middle of a raid;
  • Having clear targets tends to encourage everyone to improve their performance and increase their feelings of success; and
  • We are able to keep up with the top guilds on the server for raiding progression, which is great for guild pride, retention and recruitment!

Feel free to contact any officer or team leader with questions or concerns. We are always looking to refine and improve our strategy and want to hear members’ thoughts.