May 12, 2017

Eodred wrote:

There’s often confusion on how Battle Rezzes (from now on referred to as BR/BRs) work. I thought I would share with you all how they actually function. I’ll keep this as brief and un-complex as I can, though the system is somewhat complex.

BRs are available to the raid on a charge system. The raid begins each encounter with 1 available BR and gain 1 additional BR charge for every x minutes. The formula is as follows:

90 minutes/y Raiders = x Minutes of encounter time until +1 BR

So a few examples:

  • 10 man raid = 9 minutes
  • 15 man raid = 6 minutes
  • 20 man raid = 4.5 minutes

BR stacks are shared across all classes able to BR others. So a specific example of this in action would be… in a 15 man raid - at the 5 minute mark a BR is used. ALL casters with the BR ability will see that ability go on cool down and have 1 minute left shown counting down on your ability (because 15 man raid = 6 minutes, 5 minutes into the fight means 1 minute left). If in a 15 man raid if no BRs have been used, at the 7 minute mark all BR casters will see they have a 2 stack available. A BR caster can cast these 2 BRs back to back - it does not require two different casters.

This means the main advantage to having multiple BR casters is merely in case one of them dies, you still have a caster available.

BR casters sharing the charges: Druid (rebirth), Warlock (soul stone), Death Knight(raise ally), Hunter (BM spec w/ BR pet)

Does NOT count against the charges: Shaman Reincarnation

Note: The BR charge is only consumed with the target ACCEPTS the BR.