April 17, 2017

Tonkah wrote:

Hey folks! Some people have been asking about our plans regarding farm night, since we've been readily pwning Gul'dan on Normal for the past few weeks.

We (the guild leadership) are perpetually evaluating the raid's performance, gear levels and target content. That being said, here's our current stance on things.

Our current status is that last week, 13 of 20 raiders who came to EN:Normal were able to find an upgrade there. In EN:Heroic, we have been able to one-shot Skorpyron and Chronomatic Anomaly twice in a row, so they have become farm. Last Tuesday, we were able to kill all of our farm bosses, including those in Heroic, so we will continue to hit EN: Normal (and EN: Heroic) on Tuesdays.

Our immediate goal is to get Heroic Trilliax on farm. He's very close to that right now. Once Trilliax is on farm, we'll utilize our Night Hold teleporter to skip the first wing in Normal so that we can include Trilliax in our farm night, increasing the potential item level floor for everyone. As we continue to add farm bosses in NH: Heroic, we will continue to skip more wings in NH:Normal so that we get the highest chance at upgrades possible on farm night.

"What can I do to speed this up!?" you ask? Get more awesome! Take a look at our guild's raid logs and if your relative item level performance (5th column to the right) is below 50%, then that's a good indicator that you're not getting as much performance out of your character as you could be.

Take it as a kick in the pants to go read class guides, scrutinize your gear, talents and rotation! Let Eodred or I know if you need any help and we can steer you in the right direction. A friendly reminder when looking at these numbers to only worry about your own, and not those of others. Keep it drama free!