January 10, 2017

Tonkah wrote:

Hi there friends. We are trying to organize a third (optional) guild-sponsored event night revolving around Karazhan progression. I have a preliminary list of the two karazhan groups:

Group A (temp name)

  • Leader: Holyshnizzle
  • Sundays @ 7pm server (pacific)
  • Tank: Shept
  • Healer: Holyshnizzle
  • DPS: Tareva, Gigem, Deathrazer

Group 1 (temp name)

  • Leader: ?
  • Sundays @ 8pm server (pacific)
  • Tank: Platedfurbal
  • Healer: Lurasa
  • DPS: Wrinkles, Scarab, Nianna


  • Healers: Eodred, Seesaw
  • Tanks: Malcoren (Eodred)
  • DPS: Qorr (Eodred)


  • Tanks: Masokiss
  • Healers: Carnifax
  • DPS: Tree, Teo, Galingale, Babuszka, Mmochampion

For those of you on the groups list, let me know what you think. I tried to make a good class/dps balance, while respecting some people's time constraints (note the different times). I will also need a person from each group to step forward and be the group-lead.