December 07, 2016

Tonkah wrote:

Raiding Guide

Raiding New to raiding? Old to raiding? Looking to raid better? Not interested in raiding? Read this article! It will help you! Seriously, though. This article is required reading for those who want to raid. It will help you bring your A-game, save lots of wipes and generally have a great time.

TL;DR: Make good choices.

  • Pick a class spec that you can perform well in. Factor in: ease, potency and enjoyment
  • Follow recommended specs/talents (math is math) **
  • Icy-Veins (or equivalent) class guides (artifact path, rotation, attributes, spec, talents)
  • Properly enchanting/gemming your gear is like wearing an extra item’s-worth of stats
  • Potion, flasks and food will greatly increase your performance
  • Practice your rotation on target dummies until you get it down (random dungeons are also a great way to practice new rotations. Use recount addon to measure)
  • Headset/microphone is recommended with the discord app (discord required for raid) **
  • Don’t wear IRL pants. It gives you a 20% damage debuff. (says Eodred)
  • Download the curse client to manage your addons. Check it daily for addon updates
  • FocusInterruptSounds addon will make it nearly impossible to miss an interrupt
  • Pawn addon tells you what gear to equip with little to no work
  • Deadly Boss Mods addon tells you when to get out of a lot of poop you’re standing in and when a thing is about to happen **
Reference links:

** Indicates a raid requirement (for addons you need that one, or one like it)

More Specific Breakdown

Class/Spec Selection

When you go to pick a class or specialization for your class for raiding, please note that not all are raid-worthy. Some class/specs require much more effort to perform well in a raid, while others are able to perform well with much less effort. Every class has a spec that performs well in raids in some capacity, while some classes just don’t fill specific roles very well. This varies patch to patch and requires the player to keep up on upcoming changes to the game.

Choosing Talents

Talent choice has as much of an effect on your raid performance as class selection does. It is very important that specific talents be checked otherwise it’s easy to perform far below your potential. Use a reputable class guide (such as Icy Veins) to help you select the most effective talents for your raiding. The more homework you do in this subject, the better you will perform overall. This also applies to the points you spend on your artifact weapon.

Getting Gear

Equipping the right gear on your toon is one of the largest factors in how well you do. For Legion raids, a minimum average equipped item level is 840 to run Emerald Nightmare (Normal Difficulty). Use Ask Mr. Robot and/or Pawn to help you pick the right gear for your class/spec. Failing to do so will hurt your performance by a lot.

Item Enhancements: Enchanting/Gemming

You got that super awesome ring, but what’s that thing on it? It says, “Prismatic Socket”. Well, my friend, you are in luck. You can put any gem in that socket to boost the item’s stats. If you enchant that item too, it will boost that item even more. Enchanting and gemming all your items is like being able to equip an entire additional item. Be sure that you do this to achieve max performance. Use Ask Mr. Robot or Pawn to help you choose the right gems and enchants.

Practice Makes Perfect

So, you’ve got your class, talents and gear set up. Now what? Well, you need to figure out how to make your class do the most damage possible. Again, refer to a reputable class guide of your choice (Icy Veins) for information on what spells to cast when (and why). Spend time on the practice dummy or in random dungeons to practice these rotations. Get them to the point where they are muscle memory so that you can react to the environment challenges of raids. (SA or “Situational Awareness” is required for most encounters.)

Raid Gear IRL

Make sure that you are comfortable, as raiding can take some time (and a bit of stress). Use a larger screen when given the option so that you can easily see what’s going on in the boss fights. Get a computer that will put out at least 40 FPS (under load) so that lag doesn’t cause you to under-perform. Last-but-not-least, wear a headset. Headsets make it easy for you hear what’s going on in a boss fight, and communicate with your team without causing obnoxious audio feedback.


A combination of addons and computer programs are required to maximize your raiding efficacy. First, you’ll need Discord for voice communication. Download it and set up a specific key for “push-to-talk” walkie-talkie like behavior in the Discord settings.

Second, download the Curse Client for managing your addons. There are a few addons that are absolutely required. Deadly Boss Mods will show you exactly when to do what during each boss fight. FocusInterruptSounds will play a sound when you need to interrupt (and announce it). There are a long list of nice-to-have addons, but Pawn ends up highest in that list because of how easily it allows you to properly select the right gear for raiding.

(Additionally, tanks will want “Omen Threat Meter” and healers will want "Decursive", "Healbot" or "Vuhdo" addons.)

Overachievers and tryhards can download a program called Simulation Craft, which will give you insanely detailed raid analysis of your character.

Guild Help

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help or in general theorycraft with your guild mates. There are a number of people who tend to be min-maxers in the guild who can offer good advice. You can start with myself or Eodred as between us, we can talk intelligently about most of the classes including stats, build, rotations, etc... or steer you in the right direction.