August 11, 2014

Tonkah wrote:

Hi folks, I saw an interesting poll on the firefall forums about whether or not you'd recommend Firefall to your friends/family. I was surprised to see the results were about 50/50.

This came as a shocker to me because I totally love the current version of the game, and have recommended it (to many of you) often. Out of curiosity, I read through the responses to the polls and found out that the most common complaint was that the quests require a lot of running around. (Kind of like WoW, except you can only do one quest at a time, and they aren't clustered very well)

So, it immediately dawned on me: The reason that I haven't felt the same way is because I have a reusable glider pad and a LGV (motorcycle)... All the while, these poor folk without transportation are having to sink their time in the game, spending 5, 10 and sometimes as high as 15 minutes trying to get to a destination, only to turn and run back to the quest hub.

Is this a deal breaker? Absolutely not. Firefall is self-proclaimed "free to play", but just like every "free to play" game, they have to design a certain level of suckage into the game to entice you to spend money to get past the suckage. Typically a "free to play" game has two ways of making money off you:

  • Making it so that people who pay money usually win (This is the most direct and shameless approach)
  • Introducing inconvenience into the game to entice you to pay money to bypass the inconvenience (Most often they just introduce time-sinks that you can skip with money)

Well, in Firefall's case, they are the latter business model. So, if you're one of those people who has money to spend on games, and doesn't have much time or patience to really get your (non)money's worth, just consider the cost of the reusable glider pad (~$17.87), and the LGV (~$20.84) as the "game box cost". You'll be a LOT happier with the Firefall experience.

While I don't condone firefall's approach to the business (I'd rather it be pay to play and not have to deal with the whole "store" concept), it is a really fun game, and better transportation options make it even more enjoyable.


They pretty much give you an LGV as part of a quest once you hit level 25, if you can wait that long. The LGV they give you is average speed, average handling, vs Excellent speed/handling for the paid one.