February 13, 2014

Tonkah wrote:

Curious about what's coming up next in Landmark? Look no further!

Summary of new features ahead (in order):

Claim rating system, Chat improvements, Custom Key Mapping, Integrated VoIP, Grouping, Group Harvest Bonus, Friends, Twitch/Facebook/Twitter integration, Teleport to Claim/Hub/Friend, Unified Tool Behavior, Better Smoothing Tool, Claim Permissions, Caves, Attached Claims, Additional Claims, Claim Upkeep, Guilds, SOEMote, Character Naming Change, Player Studio, Ley Lines, Gliding/Flying, Health, Death, Revive, Graveyards, Combat, Buffs, Gear, Plant/Tree Harvesting, Oceans, Lakes, Running Water, Journal, Achievements, Salvage, Treasure Chests, Unlockable Recipes, Claim Chests, PvP, AI, Physics.

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