February 03, 2014

Eodred wrote:

For a while now Tonkah and I have been discussing the idea of building a community around people instead of games. We've noticed a trend where we will play a game with friends, and make new ones. Eventually we (or they) will leave and start playing a new game. Often we will launch a new forum site and gather up everyone who is playing this new game, meet yet new people and the cycle repeats. We are tired of making new forums and sites... but even more importantly we are tired of losing track of friends.

To that end we've decided this time to build a community site that spans all the games our friends are playing... and have a place we can all keep in touch. We are going back to our "roots" so to speak and building the community around our oldest and closest group of friends, the guild of "Defiant".

Defiant is guild of friends and family who started in WoW. A lot of those friends and family (Tonkah and I included) have played together in many other games. We will be welcoming them to join this site, and a lot of new faces (hopefully) will be showing up over the next few weeks. Last but not least, we are re-branding the site as the Defiant Guild. We recognize that as a "community" of gamers and friends you may end up playing other games and be in other guilds if not enough of the community is there, but you'll always have a place you can belong.

Happy to have all of you, looking forward to hopefully a long time of gaming together.