October 13, 2014

Tonkah wrote:

Since Eodred found dedicated hosting for our Minecraft server: Zombieland, I decided to repurpose my own personal server to be a dedicated Minecraft sandbox. This server is dedicated to prototyping various redstone contraptions, farms, and speccing out buildings. By default, it is creative mode, peaceful difficulty (no mob spawns), doDaylightCycle=false. That can be changed for whatever your needs may be, by request.

The benefit of this server is that it provides a place where you can easily share your inventions/designs with others, without hampering their regular play experience.


  1. This is my own personal server, and I reserve the right to do with it what I will
  2. Do not destroy, modify or deface other people's creations
  3. Build prototypes near the hub, off the main roads
  4. If you're doing R&D, you can do it far from the spawn point, then rebuild it near the spawn point, when it's complete and presentable
  5. Place a border around your creations (plain stone is the material of choice for that)
  6. Use signs to describe your creations, etc.
  7. All redstone contraptions MUST have an off switch (and be in the off-position by default)

Connection Info: minecraft -dot- albertbori -dot- com

You will need to be white-listed to gain access to this server. Please request access in a reply to this thread.