September 25, 2014

Tonkah wrote:

In the wake of Minecraft update 1.8, we have created a new world, "Zombieland", and updated the Minecraft server info here.

The general goal for this map is for players to create their strongholds, explore and collaborate on building projects in a way that best suits everyone. We currently have a community project under way called, "Zombieland Village", where we will erect a village and stock it with villagers to use as a hub of community operations. Contact Eodred to see how you can help!

To keep a sense of adventure in this world, zombies are enabled. However, the game rules on the server allow you to keep your inventory and XP if you die. Creepers and Endermen also cannot destroy blocks. For those of you who like to build fireplaces, fire does not spread in this world either. So feel free to explore, hunt, build, etc.

The general guidelines are:

  • Don't mess with other people or their stuff
  • Pick an area to build that is out of line of sight from other claims
  • Limit what you build to your claim (except for collaborative projects)
  • Claim areas can be whatever size, but the Zombieland Village is a good reference for size
  • Make as many claims as you want, but the above guidelines apply
  • If other people are online at the same time, be mindful of the night, and keep a bed with you

Interested in playing in Zombieland? Good. Just request to be white-listed here. When you log in, look for a tower with a path leading up to it. Inside, there will be a chest with a sign that says "Give a penny, take a penny". This chest will have some tools and maps for you to use to help you get started. From there, you'll notice a road. Follow that road to see various people's claims and Zombieland Village. Once you claim your space and start building, we'll work to get a road out to you as well.