January 20, 2014

Tonkah wrote:

Chooven and I have taken it upon ourselves to design and build a raid-resistant compound in the form of a very tall tower. It is constructed in such a way that bandits would have to either construct a 21-story tower, or destroy at least 22 doors (min. 40 Explosive Charges) to access the upper floors. Since the tower can be as tall as we want, we are offering the opportunity to "live" in the compound for anyone who is interested in avoiding the raiders. A new floor will be added to the top for each new tenant to claim.

What is it like living in this apartment building?
You get an amazing view, and a floor (4x4, minus 2 stairwells) all to yourself! You get access to a common floor with crafting tools and community storage boxes. Once your floor is available, you'll get to customize it however you want! You also get a no-raid guarantee or your money back.

How much does it cost?
This is the tricky part. It's rather expensive to build out a floor. We ask for 4,000 Metal Fragments (which is just the cost of the outer walls, pillars, ceilings and staircases that are necessary for your floor) You can have as many floors as you like, but the price multiplies per floor.

Where is it located?
It's on the north side of the main road loop, right on the side of the road in the valley. Lots of resources near by, and only a 1-2 minute walk to zombies.

What's the catch?
There is no catch, but there are some considerations: The hike up to your floor is a long one. Especially if the doors are closed. All tenants are expected to close the doors when they log off (or check with other tenants before logging off). Tenants also agree to not alter the building unless given permission.

How do I make this happen?
Gather the Metal Fragments and then post a reply to this thread. We'll meet you in game, build out your floor, and add you to the common door white-list.

Here is a virtual walk-through for you:

Majestic Facade Majestic Facade

Brilliant Views Brilliant Views

Spacious Living Spacious Living